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Thinking about purchasing SLX...



We are currently using PFW and need to add some type of Customer Relationship Module where users can create reports and interact within an intranet; we would like to be able to create forms and reports, both for viewing and some for approvals.


Now, we were told that PFW is not compatible with SLX, but that SLX can be purchased as a stand alone module in the meantime (we are thinking about MAS500 for later) until we moved to MAS500.


What are the functions that I can get from SLX as a stand alone module and what type of flexibility in creating reports will I get?





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Re: Thinking about purchasing SLX...

SalesLogix is not a"module" of anything - it's a full featured "CRM system". It's possible to integrate it with practically everything but the kitchen sink.. (hold it!.. didn't we do that kitchen sink integration last week! ;-)


There are documents (pdf's) available for download from the SalesLogix site. You can also view some prerecorded demos. I'd be glad to give you (or anyone in your organization) a demo over the web of all the "versions" (Web, Windows/LAN) of SalesLogix - contact me anytime! 

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Re: Thinking about purchasing SLX...

I think Ryan said he was going to post an article about operating a kitchen sink using an SData portal.  Smiley Wink
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Re: Thinking about purchasing SLX...

As a follow up to this post, from PFW's website it says that PFW has integration with SalesLogix.  Where can we get more information about the integration that is available from Sage?



Patricia Welther

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Re: Thinking about purchasing SLX...

Hey Patricia,


My company uses SalesLogix, integrated along with MAS500 and it is working out very well for us.  Done correctly, you will get a lot of visibility from MAS500 into SLX, which will save you money on MAS500 licenses for users (which is a big plus).


We have been running this set up now for 3 years and its been working out very well for us.  With the help of a good business partner, custom reports (whether pre-built or trained on so that you can do it yourself), visibility in both systems, and other company specific functionality you envision coming down the pipe will help your business run more efficiently with these two products.


Examples of some custom pieces we added:


The ability to see stock status in all of our warehouses and at point in time with the ability to filter product types, model numbers, etc. - This information is in MAS500 but we gave visibility in SLX using a simple to use interface so that Sales Managers always knew what we had in stock and what was coming in with a click of a button


The ability to see open sales orders that have outstanding product - Again in MAS500 but we opened this up to SLX users so that, at any point in time, the sales staff can look up orders for their customers and provide them with real time ETAs on their orders.


There's so much you can do with both systems together.  Its definitely worth a look to implement together



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Re: Thinking about purchasing SLX...

Patricia, first off welcome to the Sage Community.  For questions on integeration between PFW and SLX you should be working with your reseller. If they are not SLX re-sellers then odds are that they are partnered in some way with a local SLX reseller. This is not uncommon. We have a reseller for our MAS product and a different reseller, Harris Technology (shameless plug) as our SLX reseller. They have a working relationship so we are covered both ways.  If you do not have a reseller then you can contact Sage and ask for a SLX reseller in your area.