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New Member
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Registered: ‎01-29-2010

SalesLogix and MAS90

I am just getting started - actually about to place the order for Saleslogix - but I am confused about something.

We use MAS90 as our accounting software.  We want to be able to have two way communication between the two.


  Do I need visual integrator or not?  What can I do if I don't have it?  What can I do if I do have it?


If anyone can give me any insight, it would be much appreciated.

Tuned Listener
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Re: SalesLogix and MAS90

You do need the Visual Integrator module if you are going to import any SalesLogix data into MAS.  Dynalink creates .csv files which consist of the add/edit/delete data originating from SalesLogix.  Visual Integrator is required to collect these files and process them into changes based on the defined job in MAS.

If you don't own the VI module, you can purchase it from your MAS partner.  If you do own it, Dynlink comes with several template VI jobs to get you started including creating sales orders.


There are other options such as Scribe but at a much higher cost.

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Re: SalesLogix and MAS90

It depends if the exchange of information is two way or one way. If it is entirely MAS to SLX then no, you just use Dynalink. If it is two way or from SLX to MAS only then you have two options. You can use VI to import the data OR you can use VB and the Business Object Interface to write directly to the MAS tables.  As an end-user with MAS200 and SalesLogix I would suggest putting MAS, SLX and Dynalink ALL on their own servers. And a Cray Super Computer for Dynalink would'nt hurt.
Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: SalesLogix and MAS90

My organization integrates SLX and MAS500 using knowledgesync and have no problems integrating data back and forth.  We had a custom quoting module created in SLX that takes our SKU data from MAS500 to use to quote.  As well, we convert our sales orders from SLX into MAS, keeping the relationship link between the two through SLX and MAS order ID numbers. Our business partner recommended Knowledgesync to us as import alot of information from MAS500 back into SLX (such as AR terms, account balances, invoices).


There are many options for you to integrate your systems, you just need to determine how integrated you want to be between the two systems and determine which link would work best for what you have. 

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Re: SalesLogix and MAS90

You can also use TaskCentre to do integration between SalesLogix and MAS. It's very easy to hook up to the MAS90/200 ODBC interface to pull data.
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