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Registered: ‎12-08-2009

SLX & SAP Integration

- We need to consume from SLX CRM programs SAP (BAPIs), this in order to ensure integration on line

- The current SAP version is ECC 6.0, without any support package, so its obsolescence cannot expose web services that would be the way "natural" to communicate with SLX

- SLX cannot directly consume SAP BAPIs because it is made on framework 2.0 and in Visual Studio 2010 there is no way to generate proxies on BAPIs to work on this version of the framework, it requires the CRM framework to be in at least version 4.0 of .NET to generate proxies from visual studio 2010. You can actually generate these proxies for framework 2.0 but from only visual studio 2005, but the project requires that we use Visual Studio 2010.

- To mitigate this problem we decided to create a "wrapper" from Visual Studio 2010 to be able to consume the SAP BAPIs, but with this solution we believe it compromises the stability of CRM


Has anybody experienced something similiar?


What other ways we can consume BAPIS from Visual Studio 2010 (since CRM is on framework 2.0), without incurring additional development standards and not certified for SLX?

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Re: SLX & SAP Integration

Running SAP?

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We have the answer with ‘CRESTAR’.

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There is no argument that SAP delivers the most comprehensive ERP platform available and that this platform drives real value for many enterprise-class organisations. However, research indicates that only about 10% of your organisation’s employees will access your SAP system. The remainder still need to understand your relationship with your customers at every touch-point but few of them have access to this vital information.

SAP’s CRM offering is expensive and less than friendly. And yet there are highly functional, flexible and user-friendly CRM solutions available from Microsoft and Sage that will, for many organisations, deliver the core functionality of SAP CRM or Siebel with a fraction of the implementation and support costs with greatly improved user acceptance.

If you could implement Microsoft CRM or Sage SalesLogix to enable your operational decision makers to make more informed decisions about customer interaction you could reduce project implementation times, build in systems agility, greatly improve user adoption and share the critical information that has been locked up in your SAP system for years. And what if you could deliver these benefits in three months or less?

If only Microsoft CRM or Sage SalesLogix would seamlessly integrate with SAP using SAP’s own Netweaver architecture… well now they do.

K3 Panacea’s CRESTAR integration framework has enabled multi-national companies to implement user-friendly, flexible CRM solutions across more than thirty countries in record time and at an extremely competitive price – with seamless integration to their core SAP platform using SAP’s own Netweaver integration toolset.

More employees making more informed decisions to drive customer satisfaction, sharing knowledge and pooling resources… the results are tangible, sustainable and available now.

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Re: SLX & SAP Integration

I worked w/a customer who used this.. and it was VERY EXPENSIVE!... 

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Re: SLX & SAP Integration

appStrategy's Solution Engine for Sage SalesLogix is a fully integrated and complete suite for generating mission-critical solutions for Sage SalesLogix. From composing powerful workflows that connect SalesLogix to CRM/ERP, SaaS and legacy systems (like SAP), to creating same-look-and-feel xRM and portal solutions, the Solution Engine suite gives SaleLogix users the must-have tool to get the most out of their investment in their Sage SalesLogix system.


appCompass includes powerful workflow activities for integrating CRM/ERP systems, SaaS platforms, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics AX, CRM, GP, SAP,, custom and legacy systems with Sage SalesLogix.

Supported Versions:
appCompass supports all popular databases including:

  • Sage SalesLogix 6
  • Sage SalesLogix 7
  • Sage SalesLogix 7.5

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appStrategy SalesLogix Integration

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Re: SLX & SAP Integration

Can you explain a little about the BAPI (in SAP ECC 6.0)? Does it present as a SOAP or RESTful web service?

Paul Cannon
Fisher Technology