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Accepted Solution

MAS 90 Account Inquiry Button on SLX LAN v7.2.1

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Hi all.


I see a MAS 90 Account Inquiry Button on our SLX LAN v7.2.1 (it appears right next to "Open SpeedSearch" button), yet when I click it says "This Account is not proper type".


By the way, we do not use DynaLink.


How can I get this to work? Is there any documentation I can look over?


Thank you in advance!

Message Edited by SLX_User on 05-27-2010 10:59 AM
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Re: MAS 90 Account Inquiry Button on SLX LAN v7.2.1

This is a customization that someone installed, not am OOTB feature.   Open up the form in Architect, find the subroutine that is launched in the OnClick event, and you'll see what account type is expected and how it connects to MAS.