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Tuned Listener
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Registered: ‎07-13-2009

Crystal Reports Xi: Report with multiple subreports gives no output on second subreport


SLX v7.5.2


We have a custom table that contains data in an Area field.  Data is "Standard" or "Alternative" etc.  For now, we just want to extract values from the Extension field for the various "Standard" or "Alternate" entries.

That is:

Area                Type                      Extension

Standard       Labor                          100.00

Standard       Labor                            59,00

Alternative     Labor                            26.00

Standard       Labor                              1.00

Alternative     Labor                              4.00

My totals for the Standard subreport would be 160.00 and for the Alternative should be 30 for Labor.


I have a report that has two (2) subreports: Standard and Alterative.  The main report Select Expert has both "Standard" and "Alternative" as conditions ('is one of').

Opportunity:Table1 is 1:1 and Table1:Table2 is 1:Many


Standard subreport:

The Standard subreport provides correct output.  Select Expert condition checking is Opportunity.OpportunityID={?Pm-Opportunity.OpportunityID} and Table2.Area="Standard".  (Notice we have no condition check for Table1 here)

Links are equal Left Inner Join.


Alternative subreport:

The Alternative subreport does not provide correct data!  I've created the report manually as well as saved/inserted the Standard report.  Same results!  Select Expert condition checking is Opportunity.OpportunityID={?Pm-Opportunity.OpportunityID} and Table2.Area="Alternative".  Links are Left Inner Join.  I've also tried 'startswith' and 'is one of' for the "Alternative" (Notice we have no condition check for Table1 here)


I've tested the Alternative subreport enough to know that when I put the Opportunity.OpportunityID={?Pm-Opportunity.OpportunityID} condition in the Select Expert area that I get ONLY the row text and no calculated/printed data from my table.  This doesn't matter whether I put the Alternative subreport before the Standard report in the main report or not.  Sequencing is not an issue here.  Problem occurs whether I save/insert or use my manually developed report.  Standard subreport works fine!!


It also looks like the Alternative report works UNDER the conditions of the Standard report.  When I have NO Select Expert condition on OpportunityID I get the totals for the entire table in the respective areas (at least it appears that way and this $-value is the same for all opportunities).


What am I missing so that I can get totals etc. from the Alternative subreport to show in the main report's output for the specific Opportunity?  (I'm printing all opportunities within a date range).