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Timeless activities and Intellisync/ExchangeLink

Status: Under Consideration
by Nickel Super Contributor on ‎04-21-2010 02:41 PM

Many of our customers schedule timeless phonecalls in SalesLogix, and have them set to rollover automatically. Therefore, over time, if they haven't been completing them, there can be dozens of these timeless activities for a given day.


The older pre-7.5x Intellisync engine allows you to granularize which appointments you want to pass over to Outlook. You have the option of not syncing timeless activities. With the newer 7.5x Intellisync engine, ALL appointments are synced with Outlook. We have numerous customers who do not want it to work this way. We have one customer who specifically turned off Advanced Outlook Integration due to the timeless phone calls showing up in Outlook, which in many cases end up crowding up their Outlook day view to where they can't even see the timed section. Now that this customer has upgraded to 7.52, they are seeing these phone calls passed over to Outlook via Intellisync, and the users are complaining. I am requesting that Sage works with Nokia to add back in a way to filter out these timeless activities. I realize that Intellisync is not controlled by Sage, and therefore, it may not be doable, but I am putting in this request just the same.


I was told by support that ExchangeLink also does not have any timeless filtering. It would be nice to have this there as well, and might be easier, since ExchangeLink is a Sage controlled application.



Becki Blackburn



by Gold Super Contributor
on ‎04-21-2010 04:31 PM


 Actually, the latest implementation (7.5.2)  was developed by Sage SalesLogix using the latest Intellesync technology and it's more than likely the problem cane be fixed (by Sage). 


I'd also report it as a bug to tech support. 

by Nickel Super Contributor
on ‎04-21-2010 04:49 PM

I have reported it to tech support, and was told to submit it as a feature request, and that Sage couldn't fix it. Hmm.. Good to know.


Thanks RJ!


on ‎04-22-2010 04:12 PM

Hi Becki,


We can take a look at this and see what can be done. To be clear, we have some branding and configuration control over Intellisync, but the core product remains under Nokia's control. This issue will likely require Nokia's involvement.



on ‎04-28-2010 02:45 PM

A weakness of slx is that sync between SLX calendar and Outlook. Other CRM tools allows granular filtering and allow each user to select the types of events that can be transferred over.


meetings, phone calls, tasks



on ‎07-11-2010 01:41 PM
Status changed to: Under Consideration
on ‎03-04-2011 10:42 AM

Has there been any movement on this issue?   I have users who are requesting the ability to pick and choose which activity types to sync, such as calls, meetings, etc. 


Any info on this would be helpful.



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