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Mail Merge - Much To Be Desired (Printer Properties?)

Status: New
by slcjjw on ‎02-08-2011 11:39 AM



This is a CRM program and one paramount element of CRM is communication! Communication is key to any relationship. I find much of the OOB Mail Merge features are severly limited. For a CRM program, Sage should really pu some emphasis into modernization of this sub-project.


So I'd like to print in color but my printer driver defaults are setup to black and white; which is pretty common for most corporate environments. If I run mail merge and get to the point where I select my printer, I click PRINTER PROPERTIES to access my printer's settings.


Everything is grayed out? What's the point? I can't tell my printer to use color instead of B&W? Now I've got to ask my IT fold to create a seperate printer queue with color as the default so this darn thing can work.



What I'd like to see SAGE go:



  1. Look at a mail merge program already on the market, see how fabulous they can work and flexible.
  2. Allow printer properties to work like any other application in windows. I don't understand why Sage's printer property window is severly limted.
  3. Develop an intelligent label printing system instead of having end-users who aren't that computer savy getting knee deep in stuff they don't want too. End-users want to focus on business and making money (what they do best) instead of learning how to make SXL work right.


by slcjjw
‎02-08-2011 01:03 PM - edited ‎02-08-2011 01:05 PM

I wish for mail merge bliss...

by Employee
on ‎02-15-2011 10:40 AM

You mentioned...


Look at a mail merge program already on the market, see how fabulous they can work and flexible.



Are there a couple of specific example programs you can point to?

by slcjjw
on ‎02-23-2011 02:01 PM


I'm really busy with professional engagements right now but here is a summary of features I've seen elsewhere:


1- Address Labels

Include Prefix when present

Include Suffix when present

Include Company name

Include spouse/partner when present


2-OOB feature to allow spouse link

3-OOB feature to allow spouse fields to be used in MM document

4- Ability to use all of Word's features in MM, many of my menus are greyed out


You can use IF commands in WORD to help accomplish client/spouse mailing lables but it's way beyond the end user. See below (and my example doesn't eliminate spaces when prefix is empty!)



{IF {MERGEFIELD "Spouse_ Last"}= "" "{ MERGEFIELD "Prefix" ) {MERGEFIELD "First") {
MERGEFIELD "Last" )" "{ IF {MERGEFIELD "Spouse_ Last" )= {MERGEFIELD "Last" ) "{
MERGEFIELD "Prefix" ) and {MERGEFIELD "Spouse_prefix" ) {MERGEFIELD "First" ) {
) and {MERGEFIELD "Spouse_Prefix" ) {MERGEFIELD "Spouse_First" ) {MERGEFIELD
"Spouse_Last")")" )



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