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HTML5 Mobile Client for Tablets!: AutoMagically

Status: Under Consideration
by Silver Contributor on ‎06-28-2011 05:58 AM

What we need for tablets (iPad, Zoom, et al) is the new SLX Mobile Client to put the 'home' page on the left hand side of the screen as a SiteMap/ribbon/Nav Bar. AutoMagically.


We've got these nice 7" and 10" wide tablets [need I mention browsers on laptop and desktop computers???!!!) and the SLX Mobile client needs to be more Native AppLike, Monitor size aware, and user friendly.



by Bronze Elite Contributor
on ‎08-18-2011 06:32 AM



I completely agree. Current and future users want mobile computing and the web is the way to go. What they don't want is a legacy inspired web application running on a mobile device. If I'm at m desktop, I'd prefer a client server experience personally. Focus the web on the mobile devices. Give is tools to quickly "configure" not program, desigh the experience aroudn the form factors people are using to get their jobs done today and into the future.


Just think, being able to take an order on a 3/4G tablet. I've actually got customer sthat want to do that and have tried to run the SLX Web client on an iPad (doesn't work). They also need to figure out the PCI compliance issue to tap this market. It's not all about long sales cycle SFA.

by Silver Contributor
on ‎01-04-2012 08:39 AM

So Sage CRM has launched 7.1d Mobile Tablet application.....which is 'zactly what this idea is all about. I kind of get this 1957 Sputnik feeling all over again. I remember seeing the SLX Mobile at Sam Biardo's sponsored SLX road show in April 2011.....and taking the SLX Mobile Master's course......about the same time.


OK.........when do we get the nice navigation bar\ 'ribbon' in the SLX Mobile product???? Pretty Please.

by Gold Super Contributor
on ‎01-04-2012 09:59 AM
by Moderator Moderator
on ‎08-01-2012 12:21 PM
Status changed to: Under Consideration

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