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Allow Administrator to add fields to the Lookup By dropdown instead of being limited by the default lookup layout

Status: Delivered in 7.5.4
by Employee on ‎06-17-2010 02:58 PM

Submitted for Lincoln Financial by John Gariepy:


LFA manually adds various fields to the Account & Contact Lookup By dropdown via the backend so their users can complete Lookups based on their workflow.  They would like to be able to add fields to the Lookup By dropdown via the front end and have these additional fields be available in the Lookup By dropdown for all subsequent Lookups instead of being limited by to current default lookup layout fields.

Status: Delivered in 7.5.4
User has option to define a lookup layout and manage columns as desired.
on ‎07-11-2010 01:30 PM
Status changed to: Accepted
on ‎11-24-2010 12:09 PM would be nice if you could simply use the "hidden" feature of the query builder's group layout tab while leaving the column in the "lookup" utility.


This would allow the user to add columns into their default lookup layout, hide them from view but still be able to search on them. 


Not all end-users want to learn query builder, having a streamlined front-end interface is always a good thing.

by Moderator Moderator
on ‎08-09-2012 11:52 AM
Status changed to: Delivered in 7.5.4
by Moderator Moderator
on ‎08-09-2012 11:55 AM
Status changed to: Delivered in 7.5.4
User has option to define a lookup layout and manage columns as desired.
on ‎08-10-2012 01:22 AM

The solution delivered does not cover this entirely. Currently, you do have the abillity to define your lookups by adding them to the layout.


However, you may want a lookup on a certain field but not want the field to take up visible space on the grid layout. Therefore logically, you should be able to add the field to the layout in orddr to to make it a lookup and then untick the visible option for the field so it does not appear onscreen and take up valuable space. BUT, the way the system currently works, if you untick the visible option you lose the lookup as well.


Making this change would make it a lot more flexible and so you could have as many lookups available as you wish but not have to display them on screen to save valuable onscreen space.

by Moderator Moderator
on ‎08-21-2012 02:12 PM

David testing my understanding - I do the following (using accounts for this example).


  1. Log into the web as any user.
  2. Create a new account group and inside query builder add as many fields as needed to the layout.
  3. Hide the group (optional).
  4. Select the Options hyperlink.
  5. Select the Groups tab.
  6. From the Main View drop down select Account.
  7. From the Default Lookup Layout drop down select the group created in step 2.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Select Accounts from the left NavBar.
  10. Click the All Accounts tab (layout doesn't contain any new fields added in step 2).
  11. Click the Lookup icon.
  12. From the Lookup by: drop down select a new field, add criteria and search.
    Results returned as expected.

Apologies in advance if I am misundertsnding your request.




on ‎08-23-2012 07:53 AM

Hi Tim,


I undertsand this and this would work fine as an indivual user .


HOWEVER, if you have many users (150 for example), most of those users will not be able or do not want to go through those steps you describe above, The administrator for those users wants an easy way of adding different lookup fields for all users without creating a new group and then individually amending the user options for each user to the new default lookup group. The administrator will logically want to work off the default lookup group i.e. All accounts and all contacts etc as that is the easiset way to apply these new lookups to all users. You can currently do this but you are forced to make the field visible in the layout to achieve this and you may not want all these fields required as lookup to display in the list view as it takes up unnecessary space.


A simple change to make this easier as an administrator on behalf of all users would be :

  • Edit the group layout for the the standard default lookup group (e.g All accounts).This would provide the lookup and is curent functionality)
  • Change requested - Ability to make this field invisible in the list by unticking the visible option in the Layout tab of the query builder.The way the system currently works, if you untick this - you lose the lookup.


Surely this would be an easy change for sage to make and the benefit would be an easy way of changing the default group lookups for all users without making them go through the process you describe above and without taking up fields unecessary for the list view but necessary for the lookups.


I hope this makes sense.


Best regards,



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