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Ability to use sidebar filters in web by specifying the NHibernate relationship instead of the group relationship

Status: New
by Copper Elite Contributor on ‎04-13-2010 11:45 AM

The filter sidebar (right side of the screen for those who haven't seen it in groups) is a very user friendly looking concept, with a few major missing features.


1. Use the NHibernate relationship instead of the group relationships for filters. IE: Use StoreAccount.AccountName for the filter instead of Account.AccountName. This way, you have more control over what value is being filtered, as well as being able to filter based on multiple entities within the same property.


2. Do not restrict filters based on what fields are visible in the groups. IE: Even though "StoreAccount" isn't visible in this group, I should still be able to filter by it if I was so inclined. This would make reporting easier. Or at least make it a user option. 




on ‎04-23-2010 07:16 AM

I agree with this request.  The most difficult thing I have now is the limited number of fields I can use for my lookups and filters.  Going up in versions I seemed to have lost fields that I can query by rather than gained fields.  The filter bar is useful, but only if the appropriate fields are there.


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