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AA form design on steroids

Status: Under Consideration
by Silver Contributor on ‎09-27-2011 03:54 PM

Now that I'm into this, I am tired of writing hundreds of lines of verbose code for what should be an improvement over COBOL, Pascal, vbScript, et al.....the fancy schmancy videos and blogs out there don't even come close to the reality......this is pure horror.


Data Grids through the form wizard don't go far enough.....they need to be filterable, with a CRUD interface to an Add Edit form....right from the git go.


Filterable, editable datagids need TWO datasources (one a databound reference, the other an IList)....and they must be HQL. Too easy to break a simple datasource based grid and  business rule, the entity factory can't handle wild joins like Contact to Opportunity Contact to Opportunity.....this is a serious Defect and has been reported as such.


So when the Grid design wizard comes up it must create two HQL datasources, two business rules (get all, get filtered), a form load event, a filter change event, and one on screen hidden filter....the Parent ID field for example.... that way a user can simply go with the out of the box stuff as they do today....but when it's time to step it up and add, god forbid, a single user changeable field to filter the grid, it doesn't take 1-2 days of coding to come up with......Voila.....a configurable, adaptable data grid that took us 2 hours to design on the LAN side in 1,200 lines less of simpler to read code. verbose is NOT more readable, maintainable, efficient.


Every grid needs to be set up with CRUD already implemented.....if we could get it out of the ugly Edit and Delete columns in line and change it to a select and click on the toolbar based action image icon so much the better.....if you don't want the crud simply hide it (Secured Actions are wonderful....that new one Entities/HideFunctionality secured action with ZERO roles or users hanging off of it is a gem.....glad I thought of it.....based on LAN experience).


Every grid needs to have an AddEditform setup to go with the crud....heck, if it's a blank never use it form, awesome.....start designing the Grid form.....prompt for the Add Edit form.....if none given, then go into the Detail Form design wizard....and yes, we know the base entity and the relationship entity.....


And we need an add grid wizard (not form, just a grid) for a second, third, fourth grid on the same form.


Going to C# .Net and NHibernate and Mashups was supposed to be efficient, sweetness, powerful, and lightning fast coding AND Execution...... I'm not seeing that at all in SLX......


(anyone want to comment on how C# snippets don't clean themselves up when installing a bundle....)



by Moderator Moderator
on ‎08-09-2012 12:31 PM
Status changed to: Under Consideration

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