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8.0 Web: User Options, Tabbed Forms, Roles, and configuring Deployments

Status: New
by Silver Contributor RJSamp on ‎03-15-2012 08:17 AM

If a TABBED form has a ROLE, and the user doesn't have the role, then they don't see the tabbed form.


This needs to be changed.

 IF the Administrator removes the Role from the form from an Administration Web Client view.....then the next time the user logs in they don't see the form. i.e. this is a configuration issue\opportunity at runtime, NOT a redploy thousands of XML files to a web site just because you don't want the Service user's to see some form somewhere in the database.


Secondly, if the user has configured their SLX Web Client to show the Tabbed From in the middle pane.....we honor that request. But if the Admin takes away that ROLE from the form, I get a RunTime error for any\every user that had previously requested that from be in the middle pane. ile. the form is still in their user configuration xml. This isn't a runtime error.....this is BAD FAD and a Bad Configuration approach....and related to runtime changing of the ROLES in a fom. Changing the roles in a form needs to change the visibility of the form.....wherever the form is being viewed or shown. At runtime. Roles for a form must be a Configuration setting, not a deployment issue.


Thirdly, if a form is deleted from the deployment, and the user has parked that form in their middle pane.....they get a runtime error. This is purely BAD FAD and a failure on the part of SLX to properly refect all of the ramifications of a web form deletion. SLX needs to do the housekeeping.If I delete an Account record in SLX, I expect the AccountSummary record, address records, contacts and their contacts, notes, activities,opportunities and the opp be deleted as well.  When I delete a WEB FORM, I expect SLX to remove it from the user's configuration settings as well.....with no harm and no foul at runtime.


Anyone ever wonder why placing an Entity in a bundle or deleting an entity doesn't bring EVERYTHING with it? Or delete Everything.....OK, a different topic.



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