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Registered: ‎09-12-2011

show a popUp / modal dialog on AddOpportunityProduct Dialog smart part

Hi All


I have a task to add a dialog / pop up winow on "AddOpportunityProduct" dialog window. Following is the detail;


1) Add a button to show product catalog with different format and different table.

2) Clicking on it should show a windows that lists all the product with their detail name and model name.

3) User select a product based on model name, then she clicks on "OK" button within this new pop.

4) This "OK" clicking will set the "txtName" text box value to the model name selected.


How I can achieve this with maximum ease? and I have been trying this with javascript but had little luck in succeeding. Is there better way of achieving this functionality?


Most importantly, where can I find resources to learn more about programming in Sage Saleslogix 7.5.4?




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Re: show a popUp / modal dialog on AddOpportunityProduct Dialog smart part

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Hello Faheem,

The training course would be the best start to learning more about developing in SalesLogix. Your SalesLogix Business Partner should be able to assist with locating Sage SalesLogix developer training courses in your area; it might be worth contacting them to see what courses are available.

Unfortunately, the way you have been trying to solve the issue (using JavaScript) would be the easiest solution, as you cannot use the inbuilt Dialog Services within an existing Dialog. SalesLogix uses a fair few of the more common JavaScript libraries, learning some of those would give you a huge advantage in completing this task.

Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson
CRM Consultant