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Tuned Listener
Posts: 27
Registered: ‎01-27-2010

multiple datagrid link columns

slx web 7.5.4...


I have a 1:Many entity off of opportunity "C_OpportunityBidders", this entity will have 1 accountid and 4 contactids for each row added to the entity. I created a new relationship from this entity (C_OpportunityBidders.ContactID_1) to the contacts.contactid as a M:1. When I edit the datagrid's columns property I see the new relationship I just created (BiddersContactID1) . I open the new relationship by clicking the "plus" symbol and I select the "FullName| field from the contact entity. Set the entityfield to "Contact.Id" and the entity type name to "Contact". Full build and on "opportunities" and load the opp detail page....I receive an error mmessage "could not resolve property: Contact of: Sage.SalesLogix.Entities.C_OpportunityBidders".


I need to add 3 other link columns to this grid for the other 3 contactid fields as well, just can't seem to get the first one to work,


Any suggestions are appreciated!