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Tuned Listener
Posts: 27
Registered: ‎01-27-2010

datagrid in Add/Edit page... SLX v7.5.4

I have a 1:many table off of contacts called "Logs", then have a 1:Many off of "Logs" called "Log_Details". I then have a tab off of contacts that displays all "Logs" to the contact. The Add/Edit view works correctly in that I can add/edit "Logs" records for a given contact, I have a datagrid on the "Logs" edit view that will display the child records of the "Logs" table ("Log_Details") when editing the "Logs" record. I created the Log_Detail records via SQL insert statement just to prove the datagrid was working.


My problem is I have setup an add/edit view in the same way I did for the "Logs" datagrid for the "Log_Details" datagrid but the page never shows for the log_details. when I click the "Add" button from the logs edit view I get the insert page for log_details but when I click "Save" it takes me right back to the contact main entity and the changes ar enot saved. When I click in the "Log_Details" grid to "Edit" I get an error "Object not set to a reference"


Anyway help would be appreciated!