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When to use C# snippet vs. code snippet

I understand what the difference in the two is, but I'm not sure exactly when I would chose one over the other.  Any thoughts?

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Re: When to use C# snippet vs. code snippet

As I understand it, there's effectively no difference betwen the two functionality-wise. However, the "C# Snippet" has been deprecated, probably because someone goofed on the original implementation - they should have called them "code snippets" to begin with, but originally, C# was the only language they allowed for. So, now that they want to add support for more languages (like VBscript, Java, and the soon-to-be-utterly-dominant LOLCODE), they've got these existing C# snippets that are just causing confusion for everybody and making people feel bad for not having taken enough C# training courses back when that was the "hot" new programming language - sort of like what LOLCODE is today.


We're all secretly hoping that they'll figure out a way to automatically convert the C# Snippets into Code Snippets automatically, but then again, they're probably hoping all of us will convert them ourselves so that they don't have to build an auto-conversion program. Such is the way of the software industry.


John H. Hedges

JH3 Software LLC

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Re: When to use C# snippet vs. code snippet

  • C# Snippet Action Item (Obsolete) - are embedded into the form.
  • Code Snippet Action Item - Compiled into one DLL.  You have a choice of using C# for VB.NET


C# Snippet Action Item (Obsolete) - Much easier to debug and update on-the-fly w/o having to go into AA and recompile/deploy all the time.


For larger coding projects - I put everything into my own external DLL and reference that in AA where I need it (Business Rules, etc.).