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Registered: ‎03-29-2011

Whats the right way to share a session variable between the UI and a businessrule?

Hi all,


I need to be able to access a session variable from a business rule. The reasons why I need to do that are too complex to explain here, lets just assume that is a given, and I CANNOT change that.


I think I could possibly reference the ASP.NET built in session object from the business, something like:


myVariable = System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Session["myVariable"];


I'm wondering if there's a better way of doing that using the Sage built in API. Like, for instance, on a quickform you can do something like:


myVariable = this.PageWorkItem.State["myVariable"];


What's your advice on how to do this? Is there a better way to do this rather than directly accessing the http context from the BR? Hopefully something sage-specific.