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Web service integration



I've needed to integrate with webservices with Saleslogix web 7.5.4.   I've successfully added the reference via web.config (by creating a web reference in Visual Studio and copying the necessary files and keys).   And accessing the web service via smartparts works great.  However in some cases I need to access the web service from a code snippet action, and I found that since it compiles as a dll, it doesn't seem to find the reference from web.config.  Is there some way I can link it to work correctly?   Since we have different URLS depending if its Dev, QA or Live, I need one place I can easily change the settings.




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Re: Web service integration

Hi Robert,


we did something similar, but we encapsulated all communication to the webservice in a dll.

You could pass the URL in some kind of initialize method or read it from the database.


If you then put your business rule code in a dll rather then using c# code snippets it should be possible to access the webservice from there.


Greetings from Berlin