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Registered: ‎09-11-2010

Unexpected Character '$'

[ Edited ]

I am new to the webhost and haven't even gotten past installation.  I resolved the last issue only to run into another.  When I build the project (with the CTRL key pressed) it gets to a point and displays these two messages


ERROR - C:\Users\administrator.DISTINCTIVEPC\AppData\Roaming\Sage\Platform\Output\implementation\TicketHistory.cs(92,46):Unexpected character '$'
ERROR - C:\Users\administrator.DISTINCTIVEPC\AppData\Roaming\Sage\Platform\Output\implementation\TicketHistory.cs(98,31):Unexpected character '$'


If I edit the TicketHistory.cs file via notepad I can see the two areas where the '$' character is but the code is unformatted so I'm hesitant to change it and I'm not sure changing it there will fix the problem since i think it is generated during the build process.  Here's a poorly formatted version of the code


public override Type EntityInterfaceType
{                    get { return (typeof (ITicketHistory)); }                }
static TicketHistory()                {                }
#region IAuditTable

string IAuditTable.ForeignId                {
get                         {
return this.${foreignProperty.PropertyName};
                         }                }

void IAuditTable.SetEntity(object entity)
this.${foreignProperty.PropertyName} = ((IComponentReference)entity).Id.ToString();


What do I have to do to fix this?