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Registered: ‎02-22-2010

Strange Problem with Saleslogix 7.5.4 web .. Gods of Sage.. Please Help

Dear  Sage Team & All,


I am having a strange problem with saleslogix 7.5.4 Here you go...


When  ever i select certain custom reports in saleslogix  7.5.4 web in reporting page list box  i am receiving script error called object expected. When i saw those lines suggested by jscript error in the view source of the browser, it is showing me following function is having some problem .


function loadFieldNameList(fieldsXML) {


if (document.body.debug == 'true') { alert('loadFieldNameList -- fieldsXML:\n'+ fieldsXML); }


varxmlDoc = getXMLDoc(fieldsXML);


if (xmlDoc != null) {


// Now that we have the list of fields, we need to display them...var selObj = document.getElementById("selFieldNames");


var fields = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName('Fields')[0];


for (vari = 0; i < fields.childNodes.length; i++) {


var oOpt = document.createElement('OPTION');

oOpt.value = fields.childNodes[i].getAttribute(


oOpt.innerHTML = fields.childNodes[i].getAttribute(


oOpt.fieldtype = fields.childNodes[i].getAttribute(




if (document.getElementById("selConditionType").value != 'QRY') { =

'inline'; =







I have identified whats the problem is ... If you link the tables in your crystal report for framing some query and place the fields in the report you wont get object required js error. But if you write a query through command or generate report using sps/views it is showing object required error. This is because thegetfield drop down in this page will automatically populate all the fields of your crystal report to use filters in this page to generate crystal reports. But if you write a query/view/sp then this dropdown cannot get the fields that are in the query and hence it will through JS errors.


So i want to modify this function..


But i am unable to find this funciton in entire saleslogix project. Dont know and not sure why?


Sage could you please let me know where does the function "loadFieldNameList" exist in slxclient web code folder. It is very strange that i am unable to find this method in entire solution where as wedebug the code it is showing the error in the same function.





Bronze Super Contributor
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Re: Strange Problem with Saleslogix 7.5.4 web .. Gods of Sage.. Please Help

From what I can tell, in SLX 7.54, the loadFieldNameList function is found within an Embedded Javascript file on the Sage.SalesLogix.Clients.Reports.dll.


You could use a Reflection tool to view the Content of the DLL. Expand the Resources, and load the one called Sage.SalesLogix.Client.Reports.jscript.Reporting.js


This means that you may not be able to overwrite this function.

You may try creating a function with the same name (and making sure it is within Context) and maybe the browser will use your copy of the function, but it will be a coin toss.



Best regards,


Raul A. Chavez