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Silver Contributor
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Registered: ‎03-24-2009

Secured Actions and Select Buttons.....

Grid has a select button for removing\clearing an ID field that is tied to an inner joined link to another table.....when you click on this 'clear' select button the script wipes out the link (sets to empty\null) and the record is no longer tied to that entity....and the grid row no longer appears after the refresh....everybody is happy.


Now we want to allow only certain Roles to be able to Clear out the row ..... and have a Secured Action tied to that row to allow us to 'hide' the Select button. Works fine if the User has that Role and 'clear' Secured Action.....but the entire Grid disappears because the inner joined Select Column Button that is being hidden by the Secured Action is no longer in the grid.....and that's the data link to show the grid rows in the first place.....


The grid is a dual sourced grid (one IList for the interface, one entity based datasource for the filtere data)


Any ideas' on a work around?



RJ Samp