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Tuned Listener
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Registered: ‎11-29-2011

SalesLogix Local Development



I am doing SalesLogix Web Version Development on my local PC, it only has IIS5.1 installed and I am using SalesLogix 7.5.4


It seems the SalesLogix version cannot run with IIS5.1. What other options I can have to run the development on my local PC?

I have IIS7 Express on my PC but I have no idea how to configure it to deloy SalesLogix. Also I have SalesLogix Web Server Installed as well, but really I have no docoment on how to setup it to work with SalesLogix.


Can anyone give me any suggestion? Thanks a lot for all your help.

Nickel Contributor
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Re: SalesLogix Local Development

Since no one else has offered you a suggestion, I am going to offer mine and a bit about how we handle these situations.  Virtualization is your friend.  No matter how careful you are, doing development on your machine you use on a daily basis is a recipe asking fro trouble.  Also, if you are working on project for multiple customers, there is no guarantee they are all going to be on the same version of SalesLogix.  Look at either VMWare server or Microsoft Virtual PC, both of which are free and very reliable and build a development environment that has what you need to support your customer on it.  That way, you are not worrying about using IIS7 Express and configuring it on your local machine, or if you have the right version of anything that you need.


Take my suggestion with a bit of caution as we have lots of customers and are doing development from version 6.2.x through version 7.5.4, so your situation may be a bit different, but having a reliable TEST site that you can do your development in that closely mimics what your PRODUCTION environment looks like, will save you time in the long run (and also cut down on creating issues on your local machine that cost you time and productivity)


Just my $.02, everyone else feel free to chime in.....



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