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SLX8 - Deleting Account records created with SData CreateAccount operation



I’m hoping someone can shed some light on a frustrating issue we are experiencing when attempting to delete Account records from SalesLogix 8 where the record was initially created using the SData CreateAccount operation.


An error message is generated stating ‘Account accountname is currently linked with  . You cannot delete accounts which are currently lined (sic)’ - note that this message doesn't actually specify what the account is linked with!


The account displays this error whether trying to delete it from within the SalesLogix client or via the DeleteAccount SData call.

If we manually create an account directly in the SalesLogix client this problem doesn't occur and it deletes the record immediately.


For reference, we have trimmed inputs to the CreateAccount operation SData call so that it only contains the bare minimum ‘AccountName’ value to try and isolate the cause but still the problem persists.


It affects only Account records created this way; Opportunity and Lead records for example can be created and deleted via SData calls quite happily. This also only occurs in our SalesLogix 8 environment – attempting exactly the same thing in V7.5.4 results in successful deletion of records.


Having compared the SData CreateAccount operation response between those two versions, the schema structure appears exactly the same apart from a new ‘ERPTradingAccount’ element which returns with a value matching the created Account record. I’m not a SalesLogix expert so have no real knowledge of the relevance/importance of this new field and whether this is where the problem/solution lies.


Has anyone experienced this within SalesLogix when creating and then attempting to delete SData created Account records? Or does anyone have any ideas what the link may be so we can try to resolve the problem? Any pointers would be much appreciated.

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Re: SLX8 - Deleting Account records created with SData CreateAccount operation

The ACCOUNT.ERPTradingAccount should be left NULL - it is used in integration when "linking" to an ERP system and is the "Account" from that system - not SLX.

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Re: SLX8 - Deleting Account records created with SData CreateAccount operation

This is where the error is coming from:


public static void OnBeforeDelete(IAccount account, ISession session)
    if (account.GlobalSyncId.HasValue)
        throw new ValidationException(string.Format(Resources.Error_Deleting_IntegratedAccount, account.AccountName, (account.OperatingCompany != null) ? account.OperatingCompany.Name : string.Empty));


[Error_Deleting_IntegratedAccount, Account {0} is currently linked with {1}. You cannot delete accounts which are currently lined.]

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Re: SLX8 - Deleting Account records created with SData CreateAccount operation

Thank you both - you've helped to clarifiy that we are at least looking at the right area.


When initially trying to find some sort of logical explanation, we had discovered the GlobalSyndId value and noted that Account records created manually in the SLX client did have a value of NULL whereas those created via a SData CreateAccount web call contained the UID value for that new record. Based on the OnBeforeDelete rule mentioned in CollinCampbell's post, that would make sense of what we are experiencing (and we know from a quick and dirty check that removing the UID value from the table did result in a successful deletion of the respective account afterwards).


Our resolution appears to be in how we can translate the creation/inclusion of that NULL value via a web service call...


Following up on RJ's suggestion we tried to pass a NULL value to the ERPTradingAccount element in the CreateAccount SData call but when it completed, the response XML showed that the ERPTradingAccount field was populated with the same value as the generated AccountID itself so this doesn't appear to have an effect.


Is there anything we're missing here? It seems really strange that basic SData calls are resulting in this occurring and wonder if there's a setting within SalesLogix that we can change to turn off this apparent syncing? The fact however that the client appears to be behaving as it should for manual Account creation makes me wonder if this is maybe connected solely to SData and the way it interacts with SalesLogix.


Again, thanks for any assistance.