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Registered: ‎04-30-2009

SLX Web 7.5.1 - Dialogs



Is there anyway to call a popup from a popup in SLX web? How about in the activity dialogs? Is this possible functionality?



~ Henry

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Re: SLX Web 7.5.1 - Dialogs

No. As of now it is not available. Sage has added it as a feature request. Don't know about timelines for implementation of the feature request.


Sandeep Gaykhe

Thanks and Regards
Sandeep Gaykhe
Providian Global Solutions
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Re: SLX Web 7.5.1 - Dialogs

You can do this, although it requires a one or more dialog parameters in order to get it done. Also, you can only have 1 popup at a time, so your intial dialog will close.  You will have to re-open when you close your subsequent popup.  Here's what I've done in the past:


In the first dialog, add a parameter to tell the dialog where you were - this is sort of a state variable. 


                DialogService.DialogParameters.Add("item_id", <Item you want to retrieve when you come back>);


You will inspect this parameter in the onload event to retrieve your data:


        object oItemID;

        DialogService.DialogParameters.TryGetValue("item_id", out oItemID);
        if (oItemID != null)
            String sItem = oItemID.ToString();

            // Retrieve data based on the sItem value



In the 2nd dialog,override your OnClosing event (you could do this in the 'OK' and 'Cancel' button event handlers if you want to stay in a quickform) to call the first dialog:


    protected override void OnClosing()
        DialogService.SetSpecs(0, 0, 400, 600, "FirstDialog");


Note that you will also have to set the dialog parameter from the smartpart that calls the first dialog as well.



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Posts: 94
Registered: ‎04-15-2009

Re: SLX Web 7.5.1 - Dialogs

Hi Mike,


Thanks for the workaround. Will test it.

Still I think we should have multiple pop up windows functionality. This is because workaround suggested by you might call complex programming logic in case pop up windows are being used some other area also. This is must in cases where customer is upgrading from 6.2 / 7.2 LAN to 7.5 Web.


Thanks and regards


Thanks and Regards
Sandeep Gaykhe
Providian Global Solutions
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Re: SLX Web 7.5.1 - Dialogs

Thanks for the feedback, normally I would not recommend a nested dialog structure as it becomes very difficult to maintain and for users to understand.  However, I do think there is a path we need to provide for LAN upgraders.

John Perona

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