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SData deployment permission issue



I've deployed the portals, including the customer portal.  The Web Client and Customer Portal seems to be working fine.  But when I try and open the SDATA portal (From the application architect) it asks me to log in and shows a windows domain login screen.  Is this normal behaviour?   I'm trying to get to the page that displays the valid SDATA URLs.


I'm running SLX 7.5.2

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Re: SData deployment permission issue

After deployment.. Did you go into IIS and remove (un-check) all the authenticated access items and only leave anonymous like you are supposed to do?

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Posts: 125
Registered: ‎12-09-2010

Re: SData deployment permission issue

Thanks, that helped.  There were a couple other things I had to do as well (associate the webdll account and set the action handler in IIS) that I mistakenly assumed were already done from when I first installed the portals.


One last question, I got SDATA to work correctly, but IE tries to save the links as a document instead of showing it in the browser as it should.  This is when using the link:  http://localhost:3333/SDATA/$system/adapters   The document it saves has the correct info in it though.   Is this an IIS config, or an IE setting?