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SData Exception Treatment

Hi Everyone,


I am developing a module in c# to comunicate via sdata with sharepoint, i am doing it in this fashion since is how the costumer want the development to be done.


i have been able to succesfully insert, update, delete and select though sdata namespaces, all fine, works very well since 7.5.4, ( lots of troubles in 7.5.3 )...


My problem is that in a try - catch block i want to capture the sdata exception and not the server one but i just unable to see under wich namespace i can find the SDataServiceException, to be used in the cacth statement.


Does anyone know in wich sage namespace look for SDataServiceEsception? Does anyone had the same problem??


At this point i can take only system exceptions in the catch statement.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Thanls a lot!!



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Re: SData Exception Treatment

Are you using the "open source" client library from GitHub?

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Registered: ‎02-23-2011

Re: SData Exception Treatment

No, im not using that one, should i ?? I am using the sDataCSharpClientLib, do you know where i can find the namespace where resides the SDataServiceException Method??