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New Member
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Registered: ‎08-31-2011

Running server-side code before switching levels

Hey all -


I'm looking to run some server-side code before the user changes to a new level (say, Accounts to Contacts) but I'm unable to find an event that will run.  I want the site to remember the width of a splitter control that may have been resized.  When they return to the Accounts level and to that tab, I'd like the width to be restored to what it was initially set to.  I functionally have it working using a javascript function to store the width of one of the panes of the splitter in a hidden variable.  When I post back, I can then store the value in a session variable which can then be retrieved when the user returns to the tab.  The issue is finding a way to post back at some point between resizing the control to the user switching to a new level without reloading the page. (I was using __doPostBack(null, null) in the javascript function after the resizing took place).  


Any suggestions?  I was told to avoid update panels.


Thank you!

Nickel Contributor
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Re: Running server-side code before switching levels


try to use a callback instead of a postback...
Libert Damien