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Registered: ‎07-11-2008

Report Parameters Beta is available

We are opening the report parameters beta to additional BP’s. This beta adds support for running Saleslogix 8.1 reports with dynamic parameters and additional static parameterson the Saleslogix Web Client. Please review the notes below prior to requesting an invite. Due to the time sensative nature of this beta, all feedback must be received by 7/15.



Requested Steps:


  • Walk through the installation documentation and install the updates in a staging or test environment only
  • Launch the new Saleslogix Reporting Assistant tool (SLXReportingAssistant.exe) located in the same directory as Saleslogix Architect (Architext.exe)


  • Review the Saleslogix Reporting Assistant help file

  • Use the Saleslogix Reporting Assistant to review your reports and determine if any changes are required

  • Use Saleslogix Reporting Assistant to modify and correct existing reports that fail in SLX 8.1

  • Save changes to dynamic parameter mappings using Saleslogix Reporting Assistant


  • Open a report in the Saleslogix Reporting Assistant from within Architect


  • Perform the same actions as above 


  • Run updated reports


  • Compare web results with Windows results

  • Compare Core 02 results with Core 03 Beta results

  • If possible, compare SLX 8.0 results with SLX 8.1 Core 03 Beta results


  • Record reporting results (Pass/Fail) with notes in the attached spreadsheet


  • An example result is shown on the first line




  • Support for report parameters are included in SLX 8.1 Web Core Update 03 and SNC Update 03.  All Beta testing should be completed in a test environment only.  There will be no upgrade path from the Beta version of SLX 8.1 Core Update 03 and SNC 03 to the RTM version of Core Update 03 and SNC Update 03.


  • Cascading parameters are not currently supported
  • Beta language is limited to English




Valid Parameter Options:


  • Parameter Type


  • Dynamic

  • Static


  • Parameter Value


  • Number

  • Boolean

  • Date

  • String

  • DateTime


  • Parameter Value Options


  • Allow Custom

  • Allow Multiple

  • Allow Discrete

  • Allow Range 


To enroll in the beta, please complete the attached Beta Agreement and return to


Thank you!

Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎09-27-2013

Re: Report Parameters Beta is available

This looks potentiall great, but I have a couple of quick questions:

When the above becomes RTM will the SLXReportingAssistant be available to End Users?

What is the plan for support for reports with Cascading Parameters?



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Registered: ‎04-24-2009

Re: Report Parameters Beta is available

Regarding SLXReportingAssistant.exe, it is only for use by the ADMIN user. I'm not sure what release cascading dynamic parameters will be supported in the Web client; that is still to be determined.