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Process Orchestration - Can I Point to Another Server?

In previous postings I mention my numerous failures at implementing Process Orchestration on 7.5.2.


We have several development servers that we are using to stand PO up. Let's call them DEV1 and DEV2.


DEV1 does not work. There are severe errors being thrown that kill the worker process and take the whole web app down. I can't seem to get anyone from Sage to acknowledge this anywhere.


DEV2 does work.


Now lets take it a step further.


Since ProcessHost on DEV1 does not work, is it possible for me to have ProcessHost running on DEV2 and still listen for events? I have tried a couple of different ways, but ProcessHost on DEV2 does not ever register the host Client Id.


Basically I want to host ProcessHost on another server. Can I do this?

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Re: Process Orchestration - Can I Point to Another Server?

Have you contacted Sage SalesLogix Tech support directly to discuss the issues you are having w/PO?


If not, I suggest you do.

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