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Problem with user column in Associations tab (8.0)

I'm bumping into a problem on the Associations tab in Saleslogix web.  Basically, the created by column in the datagrid displays usernames for some users, and userids for others.


Apparently, this is a known issue with how Sdata returns data from the user entity, where it only returns values for the first 100 users in the userinfo table.  I've heard that it is something that is scheduled to be fixed for version 8.1, but I have a need for a workaround in 8.0 as well.


I've tried modifying the buildUserCache function in the SlxUser.js file found in the portal manager under SalesLogix/Supportfiles/jscript/Sage/UI/Columns to explicitly define how many users should be returned.


I did this by changing  line 36 from...


url: "slxdata.ashx/slx/dynamic/-/users",


url: "slxdata.ashx/slx/dynamic/-/users?select=Enabled&format=json&count=1000",


... followed by a full build, deploy and IISReset.


Calling the sdata url directly as modified above does then return all users (if under 1000), but it doesn't fix the issue on the Associations tab.  I'm not sure what else I could possibly change to get around this issue, so I'm hoping someone else may have run across a workaround for this issue, or at least some ideas of what else I could try.






Jason Buss - Customer FX Corporation / Application Developer
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Re: Problem with user column in Associations tab (8.0)



Yes, this issue is due to Sdata Limitations.


We too ran into this situation regarding the data that has been displayed in Accout Opportunity Tab. Later we had created a new column that contains UserName and gets populated when we create an opportunity against account.


But, you have to keep two things in mind,

i. One time update is required .

ii. When create user gets retired, need to update records manually though SQL update.