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Accepted Solution

Lookup Results group



I just wanted to confirm...  is the layout of the Lookup results group in the webclient in version 8.0 defined by the default group for that mainview?




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Re: Lookup Results group

Nope.. in Tools->Group (Web Client) you have a specific "pick" that says:

     Default Lookup Group

 For the MainView you picked above it.

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Re: Lookup Results group


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Re: Lookup Results group

Is it possible to set all users lookup group to a common group?


Is it possible to do as a mas update without having to log in as each user to update?

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Re: Lookup Results group

There are two tables - USEROPTIONS and USEROPTIONSDEF which contain user options. USEROPTIONSDEF contains the default values for various options. USEROPTIONS contain the user-specific values for these options. Options are sorted by NAME and CATEGORY. The option value is in OPTIONVALUE for USEROPTIONS and DEFVALUE for USEROPTIONDEF. 


For example, to clear all users of the Account Lookup Group, you could just DELETE from USEROPTIONS where NAME = 'ACCOUNT' and CATEGORY = 'LOOKUPLAYOUTGROUP'. This would set all users' value back to the default which can be seen as SELECT * from USEROPTIONDEF where NAME = 'ACCOUNT' and CATEGORY = 'LOOKUPLAYOUTGROUP'.


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