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Avid Listener
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Registered: ‎03-09-2010
Accepted Solution

Launch a new browser from SLX web



SLX Web 7.5.1


I am trying to add a control to the Account Details form that the user will click on and it will navigate to a website in a new browser window or tab, the same as clicking on the WWW icon next to the URL control.  I do not want to use the URL control as I would like it just to be an icon (either an Icon button, an image etc). If I use the button control or the link control it just navigates the current browser to the new web page.


I suppose an easy way woul be to have a hidden URL control an invoke it from the click of the button but I can't see how to do this.



Nickel Contributor
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Re: Launch a new browser from SLX web



You can use something like this in the load_action:


string url =Request.Url.ToString();

YourButtonControl.Attributes.Add("onclick", "'" + url +"','','')");


See you


Libert Damien