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Nickel Super Contributor
Posts: 80
Registered: ‎07-11-2009

Integrating SalesLogix with apps

I'm hoping to get some suggestions about approaching this problem from the experienced developers here.


There are many interesting web-based data collection services that primarily serve the community through integration. However, I'm seeing that many offer a few other ways to get their data out.


In addition to a connector, they generally offer a manual dump to Excel XML or feed into Google Spreadsheet.  There can also be forwarding to a remote custom script using POST method of the HTTP protocol.


The client request that triggered this regarded  This application is a sophisticated, non-technical way to create sophisticated data capture web forms.  The data collected stays on the FormAssembly website, but you can download it.  These forms can be logic-driven, and a form-user can upload data files to the form.  Email acknowledgements and notifications can generated.


This is clearly way beyond basic lead capture. So it makes sense to use this for lead capture into SLX. 


So, from a generalizability perspective, which data integration (download only) would you recommend? It would be great to create an interface for this that would easily modify for other apps?  


Anybody want to take a stab at this?


Jerry Norman