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Registered: ‎02-22-2010

Help Needed For New Column in Association Grid SLX web 7.5.2 Grid


I need help urgently



I have added new column in association table called “AssociationSource”. I want to show this column in the grid. I have added the data bound column to the Association.ascx page.



But I am confused how can we add a new column to the Association Grid Data source.



Basically data source is taking a from business rule.


The below is the  business rule of the association data source(I have renamed it)


public static IList<AccountAssociation> GetAccountAssociations1(IAccount account)


        List<AccountAssociation> list = new List<AccountAssociation>();

        using (ISession session = new SessionScopeWrapper())


            string queryString = "from Association assoc where (assoc.FromId = :AccountId)";

            IQuery query = session.CreateQuery(queryString);

            query.SetAnsiString("AccountId", account.Id.ToString());

            foreach (IAssociation association in query.List<IAssociation>())


                AccountAssociation item = new AccountAssociation(association, account, AssociationDirection.adFoward);


                if (item.Account != null)





            queryString = "from Association assoc where (assoc.ToId = :AccountId)";

            query = session.CreateQuery(queryString);

            query.SetAnsiString("AccountId", account.Id.ToString());

            foreach (IAssociation association3 in query.List<IAssociation>())


                AccountAssociation association4 = new AccountAssociation(association3, account, AssociationDirection.adBackWard);

                if (association4.Account != null)






        return list;





I have pasted it in the  assocaiton.ascx.cs page and renamed it and assigned it like below in loadgrid() method



string accountId = EntityService.EntityID.ToString();

        IAccount account = EntityFactory.GetRepository<IAccount>().FindFirstByProperty("Id", accountId);

        //IList<AccountAssociation> accountAssocList = Sage.SalesLogix.Association.AssociationBusinessRules.GetAccountAssociations(account);


        IList<AccountAssociation> accountAssocList = GetAccountAssociations1(account);





        AccountAssociations_Grid.DataSource = accountAssocList;







It is working fine. But I am not getting how can we add a new column to the exiting method(business rule method). Could any one please help.



It is really important I am struggling with this from last three days