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Silver Contributor
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Registered: ‎03-24-2009

Good Morning and AA on the fritz

One of those days.....I learned the hard way last night to NOT copy a button from one QuickForm to another.....yes I know they're AREN'T OBJECTS even though this is supposed to be Object programming and Visual WYSIWYG 5th Generation coding tools.....(fond memories of 77 Working Storage variable declaration statements in COBOL)....


So I copied the button.....which DOESN'T copy the code snippet that calls the business rule.....which means AA starts barfing.....because the form is referencing .xml files that don't exist based on the GUID.


Went into File Explorer and deleted the offending form.....but didn't even try to find the offending C# .Net .xml code snippets.....


Ended up copying in the VFS from a backup copy of the  database.....


Time for a cup of coffee and thanks for listening......



RJ Samp
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Re: Good Morning and AA on the fritz

Maybe cut/copy/paste should be "dis-abled" ;-) ... or maybe the AA should be "fixed"....

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