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Bronze Super Contributor
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Re: Getting 404 error with SData

If you are referring to the "Test Settings..." button in IIS manager (7.5) which gives an invalid path error, this is a known Windows issue. Some google searches have resulted in mostly "this error can be safely ignored." Are you using a replicated virtual machine? IIS doesn't seem to like being replicated -- there are tools available to help make server images generic (sysprep) but this also has bugs with IIS.


If you're referring to another error, can you be more specific where you're seeing this error?

Andy Freeman
TrellisPoint, LLC
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Re: Getting 404 error with SData

I've been very careful about using File Deploys for my webservers instead of an IIS deployment. However something reset my 2 webservers in the last couple of days and am now getting the dreaded 404 error for the Desktop Integrator Service


.....either a) someone else (the Shadow???) b) one of the latest Windows Updates which featured a reboot of the server or c) a File Deploy from theSLX Application Architect.


and we used to think that QUEUE files were the kiss of death for SLX.....


The File Deploy is NOT supposed to twinkle with your IIS 7 web site, application pools, portal, handler mappings, et al settings. Right??!!


This is apparently not the case.


When you get the 404 error in a previously good to go sdata web portal....RUN, do not pass Go!, do not collect $200:


1. IIS 7 Manager. click on the sdata portal site under the SalesLogix Web Site.

2. IIS section

3. Handler Mappings 'object'


Make sure that the SimpleIsapiHandlerFactory 2.0 .ashx item....Request Restrictions....Verbs is radio button clicked to All.


Then Add Wilcard Script (hyperlink in the right hand panel)......go to Windows System.....Framework.....2.0 (it's really buried down there)....then select the aspnet_isapi.dll


give it a name of exactly: aspnet_isapi

no more no less and exactly the same case.


say OK


Then test sdata......


This is NOT FUN.


and if this is affected at all by having the d___ caching service on......

RJ Samp
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Registered: ‎03-24-2009

Re: Getting 404 error with SData

   SalesLogix Case #4790515
RJ Samp
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Re: Getting 404 error with SData

Experienced the same issues on our system as well as several customer sites.

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Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Getting 404 error with SData

Good to know I'm not the only struggling with this bugaboo.

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Re: Getting 404 error with SData

One more thing to check I did not notice is if you are on a 64bit server in Advance Settings of the Application Pool set Enable 32-BIT Applications = True