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Nickel Elite Contributor
Posts: 86
Registered: ‎10-21-2009

ExportToExcel JavaScript

We normally calls ExportToExcel javascript to Export selected group to Excel or CSV. But is there any way to alter this Function. Actually we need to formalize certain fields before they are exported to excel.


Posts: 629
Registered: ‎04-24-2009

Re: ExportToExcel JavaScript

There are two implementations:


1. Native Microsoft Excel Export - The native Excel implementation can be modified in sage-mailmerge-service.js (search for Sage.ExcelExport). This is the version that gets called when you click on the group tab then RMB and select "Export to Excel" (you will have to rebuild SageMailMerge.jsb after editing this script).


2. Delimited Text Export - The "Export to File" option is implemented in "private void ExportToFile()" within \SlxClient\SmartParts\TaskPane\CommonTasks\CommonTasksTasklet.ascx.cs.