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Astute Commentator
Posts: 5
Registered: ‎02-23-2010

Developing a Firefox browser Add-on/Extension for SLX Web integration

Hi all,


Hard to know where this post should sit really, but I just wondered whether anyone had any suggestions for how best to "port" an Internet Explorer BHO (build in C# with a COM-interface) to a Firefox add-on.


We use it to perform some additional SLX Web integration (invoking client-side navigation remotely, entity context detection, etc).  With Firefox being a supported browser, we're looking to provide the same support for those clients.  


However, from what I've seen/read of Firefox development - there is no COM interop (uses XPCOM instead?), it's JavaScript/C++ language based, so struggling to see how we can reuse ANY of our current implementation to support this additional browser.


Obviously doing some SLX Customisation will cover both browser clients, but it's more the issue of "talking/invoking" them externally on request that is the challenge.a


Would be grateful if anyone has any tips/suggestions in this subject.


Many thanks,