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Copper Super Contributor
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Registered: ‎06-23-2010

Debugging in Visual Studio 2013, how to?



whenever I open a web site (Saleslogix Web v8, SLXClient-Portal) in VS 2013 for development/debugging, the behaviour of the site changes immediately, making  further debugging/inspection impossible.


For example, (custom) smart parts normally showing up in the dialog workspace after clicking the "add/insert" button in the top left corner of the TabControl workspace simply - like  "Add Address" do not open.

Immediately after having clicked with no result, the TabControl-Headerbar turns white and all controls are shifted to the right upper corner (see Screenshot). So no way to dig into the running code of the Smart part in question, because it simply does not get called.


The happens with the site just being open in VS, no debugger attached at that point. When closing the solution in VS 2013 and refreshing the browser, everything works normally. Needless to say that this is a p... i. t.. a.. and taking the sense of debugging.


The site is deployed via AA, not built in VS, running on a local IIS on the dev-box. debugging is enabled in the web.config and all possibly interfering addons in VS are already disabled/deinstalled (Web Essentials, Resharper, etc).

It was intended to just open the site in VS and then attach to the w3wp-process to debug.


What am i doing wrong? Any help or hint to geat around that is really greatly appreciated,


Thx, W. Andreas

Silver Contributor
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Re: Debugging in Visual Studio 2013, how to?


There seems to be a bug in debuggin dialog work spaces.

We have found this out recently and opened a case with support.

Currently you can not debug a smart part whichhh opened in a dialog work space.

As you described, the dialog is not opening up.


Thanks! Alexander

Copper Super Contributor
Posts: 31
Registered: ‎06-23-2010

Re: Debugging in Visual Studio 2013, how to?

Hello Alexander,


thanks for the clarification, although not really being good news.


From my perspective this is a major issue impacting serious development, have you got any feedback from support or product development when this will be addressed and get fixed?


Greeting, W. Andreas