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Copper Super Contributor
Posts: 20
Registered: ‎10-27-2011

(De)Selecte CheckBoxes in Different Pages inside the GridView Options



could someone help me to save the checkbox status in SLX 7.5.4? Regarding to the example (Maintaining States of Selected CheckBoxes in Different Pages inside the GridView) on i tried to implemente it in slx but it does not work.


There is the following issue we get on test of it: Given the grid view on custom smart part with the unbound check boxes (colum). The other field are bound field. Depending on selected status of checkboxes it will be created an ad-hoc group of course attendees for the purpose of mail merge. Selecting all attendees just work for the first grid view page. Paging to the next page causes losing the selected status of the previous page and you can not select all the child check at once on the current page. I guess, there is problem with the slx page events but i can not find any thing about it. It would be nice, if someone of you want to share your experience working with checkboxes also about slx page events.


Thank you a lot in advance!