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Create Windows Folder

I am using SLX (LAN).  I need to create a new windows folder (directory) any time a new "Opportunity" is created.  For instance, if I'm creating a new Opportunity named '1234abcd' in SLX, externally I want to create E:\Opportunity\1234abcd.  Can anyone get me started in the right direction?

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Re: Create Windows Folder

You could use the FileSystemObject to create folders programatically within VB Script.



You can find some additional info on the MSDN (or google it):




Raul A. Chavez
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Re: Create Windows Folder

Here's a function that I use.. both in LAN" and in TaskCentre:


Function FSO_Mkdir(ByVal sPath)

  Dim  objFSO

   Dim  boolErr

  Dim  strErrDesc


   boolErr =False

   FSO_Mkdir = True


  On Error Resume Next


  Set objFSO =CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

  objFSO.CreateFolder sPath

  If  Err  Then

      boolErr =True

      strErrDesc =Err.Description


  Set objFSO =Nothing

  On Error GoTo 0

  If boolErr Then

     'Err.Raise 5101, "MkDir Statement", strErrDesc

      FSO_Mkdir = False

  End If

End Function

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