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Registered: ‎08-11-2011

Copy contact function vs. custom required fields

I have been implementing validation for required fields by attaching to the entity OnBeforeInsert and OnBeforeUpdate events.  In the validation code, I check the required fields and raise the Sage.Platform.Application.ValidateExecption if any issues are found.  This works well in general - when a required field is left blank, the insert/update is cancelled and a message box is shown to the user with the exception message.


The problem I am having is with the built-in move/copy contact function.  When copying a contact, the built in function does not copy custom contact fields (i.e. fields I have added to the Contact table & entity, one of which is a required field).  As a result of this, the copy function is always blocked by the validation exception.


I've tried adding logic to the post-execute step of the built-in MoveContact business rule to copy my required fields.  However, this comes too late - the contact OnInsert event is called before the MoveContact post-execute step runs, and the damage is done.  If I remove my validation, this works for getting my required field populated, but (of course) I'd like to leave my validation in place.


All suggestions are welcome (although I'm really hoping I don't have to change my general approach, and really really hoping I can stay with entity level validation and not have to start attaching validation logic to each UI form).