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Registered: ‎03-24-2009

Applied Security\Secured Actions that aren't.... Step 2 needs to address....

Well we've already seen the Entities/Contact/Add loophole in Applied Security......( posted earlier, Adding a Contact is controlled through Entities/ACCOUNT/Add, not Contact/Add).


And the 'doesn't make sense' stuff: to Hide a button you place applied security on the ON CLICK action of the very button you want to hide so the user can't actionate the ON CLICK event in the first works as advertised as it defies logic.....kind of like installing the SQL SERVER 7 Client Tools (where it asked why you were trying to install SQL Server on a non server PC....).


Are there tons of others?


Quick Actions on Home Page:


If I don't have the Secured Action to Add a New Account, should this even appear on Home Page?


Should help say See your Administrator about adding a new contact if you don't have the Secured Action rights to Add an Account?


Where' the Address security? for Account or contact specifically.


History (still don't understand the Delete option for History....what's done is done).


Are we certain that Opportunity/Edit applies to a CLOSED opportunity? Why can I add or mess around with Opportunity Products for a closed Opportunity?

RJ Samp