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Application.Users.Item in .NET Extension?



What I am missing? 


I have a .NET Extension application and I am trying to get SecCodeID for the CurrentUser.


SalesLogix.SlxApplication2 slxApp = new SalesLogix.SlxApplication2();

string strUserID = slxApp.BasicFunctions.CurrentUserID();

string strSecCodeID = slxApp.Users.Item(strUserID).DefaultSecCodeID;  -- fails here


the applications fails:

'SalesLogix.Users' does not contain a definition for 'Item' and no extension method 'Item' accepting a first argument of type 'SalesLogix.Users' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) 


I referenced


Sage.SalesLogix.NetExtensions.Core.dll (7.5.1)

Sage.SalesLogix.NetExtensions.Framework.dll (7.5.1)

SalesLogix Library



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Re: Application.Users.Item in .NET Extension?

There is no "Item" method on the SalesLogix.Users object. Instead, use