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Nickel Contributor
Posts: 50
Registered: ‎02-16-2009

Allow Roles does not appear to be working on my smartpart customizations in 8.1

Hello All,

           We are testing in our upgraded 8.1 environment, and have discovered that some of our customizations appear to have lost the Allow Role functionality that is working in 7.5.4.


Essentiallly we have custom smartparts that have roles assisgned to them so that the smart part is only displayed to the appropriate user role: example:


RegisterSmartPart("MainContent", "Detail","Administrator, FragranceDevelopment","~/SmartParts/FragranceCatalog/FragranceCatalogDetail.ascx", "FragranceCatalogDetail",GetResource("FragranceCatalogDetail.Title"),GetResource("FragranceCatalogDetail.Description"),null);      


This is all working fine in 7.5.4, however in 8.1 we can only get the forms to appear if we remove the roles all together from the smartparts.


Is anyone else experiencing this issue? 




Chad Morton