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Avid Listener
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Registered: ‎03-09-2010
Accepted Solution

Add image to a button

SLX web 7.5.1


I am trying to add an image to a button the Insert Contact Account form but am having no luck, any help please.  It's a lot easier on a form with the controls that you can just select the properties :-)



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Registered: ‎03-30-2009

Re: Add image to a button

The Button control that we use on the SLX Web QuickForms allows a button to either be a standard button with Text only, or an Icon button wiht graphic image only, I've not found a way to have a button with both Text and image on it.


To see what the actual ASP.Net code (i.e. - for a Custom Form) is for a button that is configured to use an image, add a button control to a QuickForm configuredto use an image, then build and deploy, then open the resulting*.ascx file on the deployed webserver to see specific source code.


Using VS2008 to edit the custom form also helps (edit your *.ascx on a deployed web site) as code completion is much more robust in VS2008  - don't forget to copy your updated *.ascx file back into the AA Model or you will loose your edits of course.


Todd Hardin
SalesLogix Professional Services Group