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Tuned Listener
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Registered: ‎06-28-2010

Accessing Active Directory Information Tutorial

I wanted to share my experience of using active directory to get user information from within SalesLogix. I had a need to bring in all of the users who were in a group called sales along with their SalesLogix id numbers. We first started off by adding a new field into AD which you can just look up online or use one of the fields already in AD. I needed to bring in these users and have their binding element be their SLX ID in order to update my account table. Here is what I did:


string  group = "Sales",
                path = "your path goes here",  // Needs to be the fully qualified with where your LDAP server is such as                                                                                              LDAP://
                userName = "Admin",
                password = "Admin";
            //set up a new direcotry entry with the path, username and password
            DirectoryEntry de = new DirectoryEntry(path, userName, password);
            //set up a searcher
            DirectorySearcher ds = new DirectorySearcher(de);
            //create a filter (You can look up more filters online, I am filtering on the field department in AD
            ds.Filter = string.Format("(&(objectCategory=Person)(objectClass=user)(department={0}))",group);
            //set the scope
            ds.SearchScope = SearchScope.Subtree;
            //get the results
            SearchResultCollection results = ds.FindAll();

            //I used a sorted dictionary to keep the keys in alphabetical order which is useful for pick lists
            SortedDictionary<string, string> list = new SortedDictionary<string, string>();
            //iterate through the results
            foreach (SearchResult result in results)
                //create a new entry
                DirectoryEntry entry = de;
                //set it to its new path
                entry.Path = result.Path;
                //get the display name
                string name = entry.Properties["displayName"].Value.ToString();
                //format the name like "Tyler, Steven"
                string first = name.Substring(0, name.IndexOf(" ")).Trim();
                string last = name.Substring(name.IndexOf(" ")).Trim();
                name = last + ", " + first;
                //get the saleslogix userid
                string slx =  entry.Properties["employeeID"].Value.ToString();
                //the list will automaticall be sorted by last name aka the key
            //add the sorted dictionary to the fr and or item lists
            foreach (KeyValuePair<string, string> k in list)
                   //add the items with the name as the display and the userID as the value.
                form.fieldRep.Items.Add(k.Key, k.Value);
                form.otherRep.Items.Add(k.Key, k.Value);


I hope this is clear and will be able to help somebody out. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.


Good Coding,