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Avid Listener
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Registered: ‎01-13-2010

8.1 Web SQL Mashup

Hi Everyone,


Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction with the SQL source on the mashup control in Version 8.1.


I would like to use this control to grab data from an external database then filter the content using a field within the currently focussed Account.


So far I have been able to bring back all the records of the connected database, but cant seem to get it to use a filter or parameter.


Any help wouyld be greatly appreciated.






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Registered: ‎08-06-2009

Re: 8.1 Web SQL Mashup

Use question marks for parameter placeholders in your SQL query and remember that defined parameter values are expressions, which means strings need to wrapped in single quotes.


For example:


Connection String: Provider=SLXOLEDB.1;Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=saleslogix_eval;User ID=admin

Query: select AccountName from Account where Status = ? order by AccountName


  Name: Status  (this can be anything)

  Expression: 'Active'  (including quotes)

Avid Listener
Posts: 22
Registered: ‎01-13-2010

Re: 8.1 Web SQL Mashup

Hi Nathan,


Thanks for the reply, how do I form the parameter injection to the grid or Mashup control. I could not see the intelisense stub that would give me the option to add the parameter.


I was looking to add it in an OnLoad event of the form.


Thanks in advance