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Silver Contributor
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Registered: ‎03-24-2009

7.5.4 AA Budling up Entity Properties = highly consequential issues

I'm having really bad luck with bundling up Entity Properties from one SLX database to's like SLX can look at two SQL Server field names and NEVER make a match on them......


I end up with at best:

Text data type for any Boolean field (and never correctly True\False vs Yes\No).

Text data type for GUID

Duplicate properties.......


There isn't a way to Delete a Property in an you can for a relationship or a form.... this is not good.


Here's a reproducible example.


Contact Entity.

Hide and remove all of the new fields in 7.5.4 (including GlobalSyncID).

Update Properties and add them back in.....let us know if AppID is a StandardId, ActiveFlat is a True\False field, and Global Sync ID is a GUID.


With GlobalSyncID property removed from the web interface.....rebuild and deploy. Insert a Contact.....Error.....OK so my bad we need to add the GlobalSyncID back in....


Contact Update Properties, add GlobalSyncID back in....rebuild redeploy.....Insert Contact SAME it, SLX adds back in the field as TEXT, and it should be a GUID.


Go to an OOTB 7.5.4 installation.....create a bundle manifest of the 12 turned off properties because I need to restore them to EXACTLY what SLX has them at.....

Install the ADDS the properties, instead of figuring out that the TICK field = the TICK field.....the APPID field = the APPID field.....


Now I have 12 fields in the interface, and 24 properties......can't delete the properties.....


This is a nightmare....

RJ Samp
Bronze Super Contributor
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Registered: ‎04-27-2009

Re: 7.5.4 AA Budling up Entity Properties = highly consequential issues

RJ, can't you remove properties from the entity by doing a update entity and then unchecking the properties you want to remove.  I agree that bundling of entity proprties is problematic.  Especially how if you drag an entire entity into a project it will actually turn off properties when installed into another system


Kris Halsrud - Customer FX Corporation / Systems Engineer
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