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New Member
Posts: 22
Registered: ‎02-15-2010

"Database error: Client encryption not allowed" on windows 7 x64 SLX 7.5 SP2

Hi everyone, i'm having a very strange behaviour with my new laptop.. it's an HP i5 and when i install SLX i get this error when trying to connect to the server (login)


I've SLX 7.5 SP2 and the sql native client x64 installed correctly and then, when i'm setting up the conection for the client i've just installed, i can see the server and the connection line to select the specific connections (as setted up on the server using the connection manager) i want to use from that server , but when i use the test connection, i get a "test failed" message... 


I go ahead, and save the connection, and click ok a couple of times, until i reach the main login screen where i've to put the user and password, and then i get this error "Database error: Client encryption not allowed"


The most werid thing is that i want to connect to a server that has 3 SLX databases, and i can connect to one of these databases, but not to the rest ...(all SLX 7.5 SP 2 databases)


I tested it on another computer exactly the same as mine (HP) and happens the same, but it worked fine on a sony vaio with win7 x64.... and on every x32 system i've tested it...for every one of the 3 databases...


I must say that nothing was installed on those computers, they are as they came from the factory, and also the firewall is off


Can't find anything out there about this, and i saw that it may be an error from my computer... but i wanted to share with you and hear your thoughts first..


Thanks for the comments in advance and regards

New Member
Posts: 22
Registered: ‎02-15-2010

Re: "Database error: Client encryption not allowed" on windows 7 x64 SLX 7.5 SP2

Found the solution.. i've to download the SQL 2005 FEATURE PACK 2008 and inside it, there's a native sql client x64 (2008) called "sqlncli_x64.msi" that makes it works... The strange thing is that other computers worked with the "other" native client .. anyway, it's solved..